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LEANLOVE is a 60-day wellness program that helps you find a weight that feels good, discover and learn what drives our struggle with weight, and find your way back to feeling your best.

Our clients experience dramatic and life-changing success.


What Makes LeanLove Different?

Science-Backed Supplements

The game-changing difference that accelerates your success are the homeopathics and top quality supplements that support your LEANLOVE experience.

Delicious Recipes and Food Lists

We give you tasty sample menus, helpful shopping tips and detailed food lists to keep you focused and on track!

Unmatched Support and Guidance

Unlock hours of coaching videos from LEANLOVE founder Theresa D’Ambrose where she connects the dots to help you feel your best.

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"I was ready for a change, and LEANLOVE was nothing short of revolutionary for me. I’ve lost nearly 20 pounds and have never felt this good physically or emotionally. My body is no longer the enemy, and I’ve never been able to say that before, even when I weighed a little less. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for this program."

 Laura Gillespie

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