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What If . . . 

You didn’t diet for big moments, but instead, fueled for a lifestyle?
It wasn’t about looking your best, but feeling like yourself again?
It wasn’t about fitting into the size, but feeling aligned?
The journey wasn’t lonely, but supported and made sense?
​Food wasn’t the enemy, but rather, your friend?

And What If . . . 

It wasn’t for a day, a week, 30 days, but every day.



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It’s about the weight

A science-based approach rooted in functional medicine and whole food nutrition. It’s an approach to weight loss through rebuilding your health and curating a sustainable lifestyle. It facilitates a protocol of strategic supplements that support metabolism, blood sugar regulation, hormones, digestion, detoxification, and giving your body the critical nutrients needed to connect the dots and FEEL results quickly.

but it’s not about the weight.

And it’s not about the food either… it’s about changing your life. It’s about being willing to look at your unconscious patterns, beliefs, and behaviors that keep you in the vicious cycle of self-sabotage and feeling stuck. It’s about getting clear about how you want to feel, how you want to live, and then with intention, choosing new ways of being that allow you to step into it… Which means you have to DO things differently… you have to be the change.


If we could fix it all with a food list, there’d be no issues. The real work – the bigger work – is changing the fabric of who you are.

Life is busy, our schedules are hectic and there’s always a good reason to start tomorrow, and because of this,you get trapped in autopilot. You give away your control, you react more than plan and you survive the day instead of thrive in it. Why? Because true change requires you to slow down and pay attention. It requires you to be with yourself. It requires you to ask yourself how you’re feeling. It requires you to get uncomfortable and look at the deep-rooted patterns fighting for the comfort of repetition and the familiar.

The familiar is your current way of being, and it’s what’s preventing you from stepping into the life you want.

It’s easier to blame food rather than look at yourself. It’s easier to pretend you’re fine than admit you want and deserve more.

If you really want a life of freedom and vibrant health and wellness, you need to do the inner work and get to work.

What are you ready to let go of?

Let’s get clear on why you are here.

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Frustration +Discomfort

Depriving and restricting hasn’t worked and you’re ready to start loving your body and finding peace

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Performing + Pretending

You’re tired, and its’ time to wave the white flag. You’re craving support, guidance and results.

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Weight +Weight

Heaviness comes in all forms. Whether it’s physical or emotional, you know something has to change.

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is all about:

LEANLOVE is a 60-day wellness and nutrition program that works from the inside out. Our goal is to help you let go of what’s no longer serving you, whether that is weight, discomfort, stress, or the heavy emotions you’re silently carrying. We teach you the science, nutrition and emotional cornerstones of building a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We give you the tools to feel confident and empowered in your relationship with food. We shift the weight loss mindset from restricting and punishing to one of feeling free and in control. This program offers everything you need to make real, lasting change. So the only question now is, are you ready?

What LEANLOVE Includes

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Intentional Nourishment Coaching with Theresa

Aside from the instructional videos for the protocol, the true gift of this program are the additional 8 weeks of coaching you receive with LEANLOVE founder Theresa D’Ambrose. She cuts through the diet industry clutter and noise and gives you the straight truth on the real underlying factors that matter. Without this knowledge, you’ll continue to feel a separation between your efforts and your results, which drives more separation within. We are going to close the gaps, connect the dots, and give you the information you need to feel free within the world of weight loss.

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How it Works

“This program works if you work it. Period.”

                      ~ founder Theresa D’Ambrose

LEANLOVE has three essential parts –


Once you enroll – energetically you have started – so we are gonna hit the ground running! While you wait for your package to get to you, we’re going to get to work and prepare for what’s to come. You are going to support your body with some key upgrades, including an easy liver gallbladder flush. But more importantly, get familiar with your new LeanLove lifestyle and all the details. Preparation makes the execution feel so much better.


For 30 days you are dialing it in and getting strategic and intentional with your food, your mindset, and your goals. This synergistic combination goes far beyond a number on the scale, but how do you want your life to change? With educational foundations, coaching sessions, and daily guidance on your program, you’ll be amazed with what can shift in this short time. This sacred time of change allows you to really commit and let your body show you what it can do.


Great, you lost the weight, you’re feeling more clear and energized…now what? In ReWire we transition to lifestyle design and mapping out sustainable habits and upgrades that support you. This again includes your body (how to know what it needs to thrive), your mind (how to cultivate intention and stay strategic), and your goals. The whole point is to make sure everything you do is helping you create and manifest the life you really want.

Why clients ♥ LEANLOVE

Imagine waking up with clarity and purpose, knowing exactly how you were going to fuel your body so you could feel your best, do your best work, and give your best to those around you. Our clients love the structure of this program and enjoy customizing it to fit their busy schedules, workout levels and cooking preferences.
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LEANLOVE has a detailed daily protocol for what and when you eat and how and why you take each supplement throughout the day. The structure gives a framework to plug your efforts into that allows you to see and feel results quickly.
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What Will it Take for You to Begin Now?

How much is feeling happy, healthy and fully alive worth to you? What are stress and self-sabotaging behaviors already costing you? What more could you do at home, the office and in the gym with greater energy and focus? How might your loved ones feel if they were getting the very best version of you? Not choosing to invest in your health is likely already costing you.

What the LEANLOVE program Includes:

Fully Supported Membership Site, Supplements, Bonus ReWire Program, LEANLOVE Manual, tons of Recipes, Sample Day Templates, Checklists, lots of Support, and the best part – 100+ hours of Intentional Nourishment Coaching with Theresa D’Ambrose!


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I was ready for a change, and LEANLOVE was nothing short of revolutionary for me. I’ve lost nearly 20 pounds and have never felt this good physically or emotionally. My body is no longer the enemy, and I’ve never been able to say that before, even when I weighed a little less. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for this program.

Laura Gillespie

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